Friday, October 30, 2009

“TGIF Friday” freebie post…

Morning ladies…this will be one of two posts today. Woohoo!!  This one has a lot of the offerings from Kim B’s October Color Challenge over at DSO. The colors this month are wonderful…and if you put them all together…you will have an awesome mega kit! :) I rounded up some of my favorites that I didn’t want you to miss, since some may expire after this weekend. Have fun and I will be back later with some more goodies. I’m on my behind, on the couch this weekend…healing a sore foot, so I have nothing to do but search for freebies for you! You are so lucky….hee,hee :)

The Big Stuff…

FreebiePost20 Freebie1
FreebiePost6 FreebiePost15
FreebiePost-1 FreebiePost-2
FreebiePost-3 FreebiePost-5
FreebiePost-9 FreebiePost-10
FreebiePost-13 FreebiePost-14
FreebiePost-15 FreebiePost-16
FreebiePost-17 FreebiePost
FreebiePost3 FreebiePost4
FreebiePost8 FreebiePost10
FreebiePost11 FreebiePost13

The Small Stuff…

FreebiePost-12 FreebiePost

Get Me Started Stuff…

FreebiePost-8 Freebie3

Paper Stuff…

FreebiePost-6 FreebiePost-7
FreebiePost-11 FreebiePost-20
FreebiePost1 FreebiePost2
FreebiePost9 Freebie4

Words & Stuff…

FreebiePost FreebiePost19
FreebiePost7 FreebiePost12
FreebiePost14 FreebiePost16
FreebiePost17 FreebiePost18

The Easy Stuff…

FreebiePost-4 FreebiePost-18
FreebiePost-19 Freebie2



Dinphy said...

Woohoo! You found me again! :)
And put me right next to Joni's 'Mice' kit, which was one of my fav's as it's so original.

Thank you so much!

Wow, all these color-challenge-kits do look awesome put together! Thanks for doing the work for us!

Dinphy said...

Ehm Uhm... *blush* me again...
So busy being happy, I totally forgot to say:
Sorry to hear about your foot, and I hope you get well soon!


Deanna said...

aww hun - thanks for the great list and I hope your foot is feeling better soon!!