Thursday, October 1, 2009

"This-N-That Thursday" freebie post...BIG!

Phew!!!! That was a doosey of a post. Just like the good ole days. I apologize to all the designers who I haven't been able to give thanks to, but I still do this the ole fashioned way (no search engine with auto posts) and since I love reading the blogs...I run out of time. No, I haven't quit my day job yet! ROFL :) I do have a question for my blog goes. Do you like the links to open a new tab or window? or do you like it the regular way? I would do a poll but I DON'T HAVE TIME. hee,hee :) Just leave a quick comment which way you prefer...I don't want my site to be a pain in the butt. Have a great day!

First let's start with these three. Each link is to part of a huge blog train starting today. The first one on the left is "Thankful"...starting at The Blog Train Blog. The 2nd one is "Ghost Train"...starting at The Ghost Train Blog. The 3rd is "Afternoon Delight"...starting at Stuff to Scrap. Have loads of fun with these. Should keep you busy for quite some time. lol :)

Here is the regular stuff...

And last but not least...

I just love the latest collaboration I stumbled on. It's called "Surpriselandia" and the original post is here at Scrapmania SK. Based on what I've seen, you won't want to miss this one. I made it a tiny bit easier for ya. Just click on the previews...and don't forget to thank these awesome ladies!!

"It's not all about me..."


Dinphy said...

Awesome list girl!
As for opening the links, I don't mind. I always right-click to open in another tab anyway... ;)


sdwrdt said...

Thanks for coming back! Have downloaded something each day since.

I do prefer the links opening in a new window. That way I don't lose my place on your list.

Amy J. said...

Whatever is easiest for you! Thanks for all your awesome hard work! I have been telling all my friends to come see all the great stuff you are helping us find! Thank you.