Thursday, November 12, 2009

“Featured Designer” Kim B Designs freebies…

I just spent over an hour shopping last night at DSO catching some awesome 50% off deals for “KimB Designs” and her sister “GS Creations”. Then I decided to bop over to Kim’s blog, since there is always things happening there and awesome goodies to be found. WOW!…I was not disappointed! There are so many wonderful offerings between Kim, her incredibly talented CT and friends...I decided to do a “never done before on this blog” featured designer freebie post. I have highlighted blog trains and mega kit collaborations before, but never one designer. So I hope you enjoy this post. Make sure to leave “love” for her and her girls if you snag a freebie. These are all within the last 3 weeks…can you imagine how much has been given away in the last year?? WOWsers!! And lastly…go pick yourself up one her grab bags or half off kits. Trust me, her designs are awesome! I own them all! hee,hee :)

Elements & other stuff…

Freebie103 Freebie113
Freebie123 Freebie 3
Freebie 4 Freebie 10
Freebie 5 Freebie 12
Freebie 14 Freebie 24

QPs & the Easy stuff…

Freebie 11 Freebie 13
Freebie 1 Freebie 2
Freebie 18 Freebie 19
Freebie 20 Freebie 21
Freebie 25 Freebie 26
Freebie 6 Freebie 8
Freebie133 Freebie 9
Freebie 15 Freebie 16
Freebie 23 Freebie 22

Miscellaneous Fun stuff…

Freebie 7 Freebie 17



Dinphy said...

Oh I like this page! I too LOVE all that Kim makes, so I have seen it all come by on her blog. But this way, put together, it's quite impressive, love it! :)

Kim B said...

OMG, all I can say is a humbled THANK YOU! for you kind words and giving my fab girls some recognition for their AWESOME freebies the last two weeks- they have been STARS!!

Thanks to Dinphy too for sending me here or I would still have my head in the sand somewhere ( usually PS- BWWWAHAHAHAHAHA)

Thanks soo soo much


Jodiann, said...


What a wonderful post for a terrific lady with so much talent! Kim and her sister Gaye are such a power house of ideas! Thank you Suzee Q! You are one in a million!!

Happy Friday!

Jodiann said...

How could I forget the sensational CT team? Forgive me ladies! Its a pleasure to be on the team with you!

Thanks again Suzee!!

Happy Weekend!!

Jazzy said...

Recognition like this could not be given for a nicer person. Kim is one of the kindest, most big hearted, talented women I know and a dear friend. Everything with her is genuine. I had the honor of being her CT when she started her store..I have now gone to VIP status but still share this honor with all my fellow team mates. There is no group of ladies more talented than they are. To my friend..I'm so very proud of you and all you have accomplished..and please send Nathan to the store for more tissues..LOL love you girl. Jazzy

kristine~♥ said...

Thanks so much!!! You made my day!!! :D

LouCeeCreations said...

Oh My.. what a fantastic post. We all LOVE our Kim, her Commercial Use products are second to none and of course her digital kits are to die for! Gaye's templates and doodle are exquisite too and they make the ultimate sister team.
I have always considered myself very lucky to be on her CT team, her layout artists produce the most outstanding work and inspire me so much. I absolutely love creating hybrid products with Kimmy's goodies, so thankyou for showing off all these fabulous freebies Suzee!
much hugs.

By Dezign said...

Wheeeeee, Suzee Q, you are No. 1. Kimmie just ROCKS and I'm sure you've got her snotting all over the place again. BWAHAHAHA, I have to LOVE you for that.

And as a CT member, thank you for your recognition in that department as well.

Mwah and squishy hugs all round.

Beth said...

Wow.... what FUN to see all of Kim's gear on display like that! Woohoo! She's so talented... and deserves the special shout out. Very nice of you to do that... hooray!