Sunday, November 8, 2009

“Lazzzzzzzy Sunday” freebie post

I am posting this now…but I am still finding new stuff on my magickal NSD adventures…I’ll be back with more. Thanks for all the wonderful goodies ladies, I will be around digiWorld today to give thanks and kudos.  If my peeps forget to thank you…I’ll do it now for them. Thank You!!! :)

Kits, Minis & Samplers…

Freebie 6 Freebie 25
Freebie 1 Freebie 3
Freebie 4 Freebie 5

Elements & other stuff…

Freebie 26 Freebie 27

Templates & stuff

Freebie 23 Freebie 24
Freebie 21 Freebie 22
Freebie 18 Freebie 20
Freebie 16 Freebie 17
Freebie 14 Freebie 15
Freebie 12 Freebie 13
Freebie 10 Freebie 11
Freebie 8 Freebie 9

Alphas & Word Art stuff…

Freebie 2  



Amy J. said...

Wasn't that template Blog Train amazing! I stumbled onto that a few days ago and was so impressed! Thanks again for all the Freebie searching you do!

Adriana said...

Thanks for posting my freebies!
Love your blog!