Friday, November 20, 2009

“OMGosh! It’s Friday already??” freebie post…

I gotta tell ya…I’ve had a few really hectic days, so I am extremely behind on my freebie posts. I think I started renaming this post on Wednesday and here we are on Friday and I’m finally posting it. So sorry!!! I found out Wednesday that the MRI I had done on my foot showed that I did indeed break my foot. OMGosh!! I have no idea when or where, I only knew something was wrong and it hurt like hell. Now I’m in one of those cast shoes…(I don’t know why they call it a shoe, it goes from my foot to my knee) lol :) and I will have to wear the dumb thing for at least 4 weeks. Luckily I started the recovery by staying off it for 2 weeks or I’d have to wear it for 6 WEEKS! This pretty much sucks… I also got my Windows 7 upgrade disc for the laptop I bought a month ago. I was so excited. Not so fast…I had everything all installed on the Windows Vista system while waiting for the release of Windows 7, things were wonderful, then I did the upgrade and the computer basically freaked out and wouldn’t even boot. I HATE UPGRADES!! It must have been all the software causing the problem so I took it back to the original factory settings (yes a reformat) and then installed the upgrade before installing any of my other software. Seems to be working like a charm and Windows 7 in really fantastic. Absolutely no compatibility issues at all!! May I advise this procedure to all who are thinking of upgrading. It’s actually better to format and install the full version. More expensive, but who can put a price on our precious time. Anyhoo…long bla, bla, bla but I wanted you to know why I have been absent. Here is a few to keep you busy…I should be back with more later tonight and definitely this weekend. See ya!

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Freebie 24 Freebie 25
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Elements & Extras  
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Alphas & Wordart  
Freebie 6 Freebie 15
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Great freebies!