Friday, November 6, 2009

Specials thanks to Special ladies…

I feel so awful for not getting around to this sooner…but I’ve got huge thanks to give out to the following designers. Can you believe I got RAKd 3 times last week over at Digishop Talk?? Well believe it! Now I will give back by giving some well deserved advertising for these awesome kits that I now own from these awesome designers. hee,hee :)

“Hot in Here” by AnnaBV Designs


Anna’s Blog 

Buy it Here!!!


“Sweet Little Treasure” by Gwenipooh Designs


Gwenipooh’s Blog

Buy it Here!!!


“Alice” by Samceline Designs


Samceline’s Blog

Buy it Here!!!

Hopefully you will enjoy these kits as much as me. It sure is a blast unzipping new kits! Kind a like opening a present…no EXACTLY like opening a present! hee,hee :) Have a great weekend if I don’t get to tell you later. This DSD weekend is always a crazy shopping spree for me…then I spend days downloading and opening presents. Oh my!!! I will be in some sort of heaven in about 24 hours or less. Careful everyone…this is addictive stuff. ROFL :)


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