Saturday, December 26, 2009

Feedburner problems again…

Well a couple weeks ago my feed wasn’t being updated and I thought I fixed it, but I guess not. Now I think I have fixed it because it is working in my reader after changing some feed settings. What a pain! To make sure you don’t miss any posts, I suggest removing my old feed from whatever reader you use and re-subscribe using the following address or the link to the right. Any problems let me know. I do know there is quite of few that check my blog daily and are subscribed, and I would feel bad if you missed something because of this.

Click here to re-subscribe to my blog feed

Hope you all had a blessed holiday!

Suz :)


Sue said...

I thought you had stopped listing freebies for a while. Thanks so much for fixing this problem! :)

Lor said...

Thanks for the great links, you do a wonderful job at freebies and glad to see your feed back up and running!