Wednesday, December 30, 2009

“Wump Day” freebie post…

Hi ladies…sorry no post yesterday and just a baby one today. I’m doing a major cleaning of my Google Reader, adding and deleting feeds. Hopefully to make my posts bigger, better and easier once I get back to work in a couple of weeks. Next I’m gonna attempt an update of the old blog. Just a little facelift that has been long overdue. I’m confident I won’t lose anything. (crossed fingers!) So once I get “Reader” all set, I will probably have some big posts. As you know…these are all hand picked by me, my preference, no search engine. I quite enjoy the process of reading the blog along with the finding of freebies. I have never “hot-linked” any freebie, and most of the time I send you straight to the designer blog even when the freebie is at a store location. The whole idea of the freebie is to visit with the designer first. I hope that is okay with everyone, because that is the way I do it. I also hope everyone says thank you when they grab and go. A lot of time is put into these designs and they are given quite freely. These designers are AWESOME! I have no automatic way to say thanks every time a post a designers freebie and I myself am long overdue for making my “rounds”. Designers…I thank you from the bottom of my heart!…I will be around soon. :)

Kits, Samplers & Minis  
Freebie 28  
Freebie 16 Freebie 27
Freebie 10 Freebie 11
Freebie 3 Freebie 7
Freebie 1 Freebie 2
Templates & Elements  
Freebie 6 Freebie 9
Freebie 13 Freebie 29
Freebie 21 Freebie 25
Alphas & Wordart  
Freebie 4 Freebie 5
Freebie 24 Freebie 26
Freebie 22 Freebie 23
Freebie 17 Freebie 18
Freebie 8 Freebie 15
Miscellaneous Stuff…  
Freebie 12 Freebie 14
Freebie 19 Freebie 20
Freebie 30 Freebie 31
Freebie 32 Freebie 33
Freebie 34 Freebie 35

Suz :)

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