Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Love This! Here is your Thursday Freebies...

This is so Fun! I really love doing the hunting for everyone. If you have suggestions or comments on what you like or would like to see on my blog...please let me know. My email link is on the right and there is a couple different ways to comment, directly under the post or use my Cbox. Thanks again for stopping by. :) on the image to be taken away to freebieland. LOL :)

Food for thought:

"Never trade McDonald's for a haircut from your mom, its not worth it."

Adam LaRoche

Hurry over to Toy Box Designs! She has re-released twelve of her addons to the Digitreats ABC Kits and who knows how long they will be available. Leave the love. :)

I will be watching taped season finale of "Lost" tonight after work. Can't wait! I hope I'm a little less lost after tonight. LOL :)

"It's not all about me..."

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Ladye said...

Hey Suz, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for showing off Boo's Blossoms blinkie on your blog. It makes me feel really special when I see others enjoy us as much as I do. Since I am the one that keeps up (most of the time) with the Blossoms Blog, thought I needed to say THANKS.