Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Freebies

Boy...I missed a couple days posting since I had to go back to work. Working really messes up my day! lol :) I'm back working light duty until workers compensation approves my surgery, not sure how long that will be. (I have a shoulder boo boo) Then I will get to play all day again. hee hee :)

Well I finally watched the one I thought should win "American Idol"...WIN! David Cook, you rock! I will be first in line to buy his first album. I think he is just all around awesome.

Just hanging out on this 3 day weekend, getting ready to go see "Indiana Jones" new movie. It always rains in these parts on Memorial Day weekend, so we don't plan any camping or outdoor activities. My DBF hates rain so why risk putting ourselves in a potential rain situation. I'm quite happy to lounge around in my jammies all weekend anyway.

Well I have a few freebie finds for you. These are found the old fashioned way, no engines of any kind, just me! lol :) Click on the image to take you where you want to go, and as always don't forget to leave those 2 little words that mean so much..."thank you".

Bye for now,

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