Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Creative Project...a little bit hybrid

sewing box - open
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Not sure I will have freebies up before my dreaded medical appointment in about 7 hours (I'm still hunting), in the meantime I don't want to leave the morning without a little something. It's about all I'm up for. :(

I love this little box, especially the practicality. I have no room in MY house for things that don't have a purpose. Anyone wanting to whip this up for me, feel free. Just joking..Lol :)...but it is something I will have to ponder about making. I will be back when I get done recovering.

Suz :)

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Dinphy said...

I'm old. Enough.
Had some people around me drink that stuff... Gees it's LOTS and NOT very tasty, is it? I wish you good luck, and hope you'll get good news.