Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 1..."Digitals Girls" Hybrid Blog Train

Do you like blog trains? Do you like albums? How about the “Digitals Girls” designs? Well I love them all, and for the next 10 days they are participating in a hybrid album blog train which includes a free hybrid download a day. The links will only be available for 24 hours and ONLY on their blogs! At the end you will have 10 albums with 10 pages in each. OMGosh!! These girls ROCK!!

Anyway, I will TRY to help remind my blog readers by posting a separate post each day with the previews and blog links (click on images). You will have to be on your best game if you want to collect all the pages. If I miss a day…sorry in advance…things do come up. Oh btw…at the end of the 10 days I will provide you the link for “Freebie Finders Anonymous”. ROFLMBO :)

Thankyou's are not optional on this one. Have Fun!!

Lynne's not available yet

"It's not all about me..."


TifLyn said...

If it weren't for your lovely blog post I would have missed the train! LOL!
I just found your blog today, from your post on Linda Walton's (bonscrapatit).
And I am a Digitals member, but missed the news about this blog train. I miss alot, so it looks like your blog will be VERY helpful to me. I have you bookmarked for sure!
Many hugs,

Suz said...

I'm glad you found me!!! I love company so come back anytime. :)