Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 9..."Digitals Girls" Hybrid Blog Train

Only 1 days left in the "Twisted Sisters" hybrid blog train. Oh NO!!!! I don't want it to end!!

Here are your previews and links for "Day 9". As I said yesterday, I'm doing pretty good at reminding you and hopefully on day 10 I will be coherent. ROFLMBO!! :) Remember you can always find the links over at Amanda Thorderson Designs if I screw up. hee, hee :)

Thanks to all you girls that are leaving lotsa good love for these awesome designers. Let's really whoop it up for them today and tomorrow!!!

Have a "This-n-That Thursday"!!

Beth Rimmer's Designs - no preview
Katie Mann Designs - no preview
Tallula Moon Designs - no preview (she's a teeny bit behind, so check back again to catch up)

"It's not all about me..."

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