Friday, June 27, 2008

"Fantabulous Friday" Freebies...

It's finally Friday and it's a doosy!! The sun is absolutely shining as it should in the summertime and the weekend is fast approaching bringing us those moments we love to capture with our families. Even though every day is a weekend when you are out of work (LOL!!)...I still know when it's Friday and look forward to it's arrival. Funny how that works!! hee, hee :)

I decided that it is just too slow to type on my laptop...which I'm using for my recovery. I am now moving to my desktop pc to do my babbling. I hate just throwing stuff at ya without giving a little talk about "whatever". So no more quiet Suz!! :) roflmbo Well... maybe still in my comments I leave you, because I will still do that from my laptop on the couch.

I am very HAPPY today because my sweet sister arrived last night to spend a few days with me while DBF goes on a weekend motorcycle ride with his buddies. Unfortunately I still need someone to cook for me (unless I want to eat soup for every :) and I need help with the dogs. She is not much on road trips, however my incapacitation was enough motivation to get her out of the house. See...there is always good that comes out of a not so good situation!!

I've noticed a lot of "Daily Downloads" goin on around make sure you check out my sidebar list, because I have added a few new ones and I don't want you to miss out. Remember there is a lot of time zones going on in "digi-land" so it's really easy to miss one if you aren't on the same 24 hour clock. Sometimes it's easier to just wait and purchase the item once it is available...I like this idea because it helps to support our wonderful designers!!! was good to let loose (bla,bla,bla) a little, now I feel better. Have a MaRvY! Friday...and I'm SURE I will be back soon with more bla, bla, bla and stuff! ROFLMBO :)

Stay Sweet...

"It's not all about me..."


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi ya sweet stuff!!! Stopping by to leave you some LOVIN' and thank you for showcasing my FREEBIES so faithfully!!! WOW, am I honored OR WHAT!!!

How COOL that your sister is visiting and I am hoping that spending time with her and having a few GOOD laughs will help you to mend more quickly!!! How sweet that you can still talk to us despite the, somewhat, limited mobility!!!

YOU are one ROCKIN' mamacita and have taken SCRAPLAND BY STORM!!!

Have a GORGEOUS weekend love!

Linda :)

Anonymous said...

thanks gain uzee! fab freebies! sounds like you coping great to have your sis to cook! enjoy it LOL - sunny1972

Kristin said...

Hey lady! Love your blog! Thanks so much for the link. I'll definitely be adding your blog to my list of blogs to stalk so I can visit often! You pick some good ones! Big, big hugs! :0)