Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day 2008 "Harley Ride"

Ya know...I haven't shared to much of my personal life (not because I haven't wanted to!!) today you get a little look see!!

The weekend was just GORGEOUS and the temperature a lovely 75 degrees...kinda like a Fall day (which I love!!!). Since I was not able to see my Father today and neither was DBF, we decided "what the heck" and went for a Ride. Besides, we needed some bagels they only sell at the "Super Walmart" about 2 hours away. I know...2 hour drive for bagels??? They are so GOOD, and they are only 1 point for Weight Watchers. When you are counting points...believe need all the help you can get!!! Lol :)

I took the following pictures today (really!!) and they do go in order, from start to finish. Just for fun, I used Kirsty Wiseman's "Lazy Days" overlay on the pictures.

We live in Northwest Montana, and yes it REALLY does look like this!!! Someday I will fill you in on all the really beautiful things to see and do here. We have quite the little "tourist town" here. Sometimes I do have to pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming. I'm extremely lucky to live in the "Last Best Place".


"It's not all about me..."

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