Sunday, July 13, 2008

The "AWESOME" thing revealed...

Okay, Okay...I know I said I would come back and tell you the AWESOME thing that happened to me this weekend, so here I am. Almost didn't make it back today, but I think I can squeeze this post in before midnight if I type REALLY fast! hee, hee :) Got side tracked with "Life"...sorry.

Well ya know, I do none of this expecting anything in it was the most unexpected and AWESOME thing when I GOT RAKed!! I have read others talking about this, but with out having it happen to me, I really wasn't sure how it all worked. Now I know!! And it's so easy peasy. You just get an email with presents just "because". How AWESOME is that! Guess that's why it is called a "Random Act of Kindness" definately fits.

The email came "Special Delivery" courtesy of Andrea (Boyerville Scraps) I will share what I got.

First kit (yes there was 2!!!) was Andrea's gorgeous kit Affirmation
Available at Benevolent Boutique, Designs in Digital, and Wenchd Grafix

Second was Kim's gorgeous kit Softly Sweet.
You can see it in her store here and if you head on over to her blog, she might just have an add-on freebie to match!!

Well I can't wait to get scrapping with these two beautiful kits. Andrea and Kim will be first and you bloggers see what I can come up with. Told ya it was AWESOME! Okay...I killed that word for the day...ROFL :)!!!

"It's not all about me..."

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Dinphy said...

Aw girl, that so... well... AWESOME!!! ;) heehee.
Definitely is no better word for it, and I can just imagine how AWESOME it must have felt receiving two of such AWESOME kits!!
But I think you totally deserved it, for me you've got THE best freebie-hunting-site using your own preference!
And that makes it so AWESOME for me, everytime I see mine listed!
I always wonder if the kit will be good enough to be here, and it's like winning a prize if I am. :)
Thank you!

Ahhh.. see... you didn't kill that word. I could use it with ease. LOL!