Saturday, July 5, 2008

Here is the Bla, Bla, Bla I promised ya...

First off I have to tell new BFF, that Linda over at BonScrapatit, has given me an awesome award!! Of course she has helped me way more than she realizes and I would not be where i am right now without her help. She has believed in me from day one and I know will be a big part of my future in the digital scrapbooking arena. Hers was one of the first blogs I started visiting daily (and still do!! hee,hee :) and truly enjoyed reading what she wanted to bla, bla, bla about. You know the ones...kinda a kindred just get them without having to try real hard. We usually stay up all night together too...yep, I'm a night owl!

And let's not forget the awesome freebies this lady gives us!!! In fact, I have been doing some "freebie" organizing on my hard drive, and was sorting the stuff she has offered up. OMGosh!! These kits are HUGE and the QUALITY is exceptional! Everyone should really be thanking her up and down...because these designs should be in her store. If I could give the award back to her...I would, but I think that would kinda be breaking the rules. Sooooooo...I will be picking 7 people with wonderful blogs. I am still making that list because I think all of you are wonderful in your own ways. Plus my picker is broke today. Read on to find out why...

I'm in the throws of downloading!! A couple posts back I told ya I was gonna buy Divine Digital's very own Royanna Fritschmann whole store...and I DID!! She has some really pretty stuff so if you have never seen her designs, go check it out. I'm not sure if the offer is still available, but if it is...and you have a big hard drive...high speed internet...and a lot of time....I do suggest the bargain. I might add that Divine Digital has one of the best downloading experiences I have had after a purchase. I think it's their server or something, but this kinda deal wouldn't work at some other stores. I know the ones!! lol :) Anyway...I have 7 days to get my order downloaded, which sounds like a lot...but there is a lot in my order!!

On top of it...I went out for a bit to shake the stink off!! ROFLMBO :) Don't ya just love that saying? My DBF says it all the time...and it makes me laugh. little town was having their annual July 4th Arts & Craft show and as usual...there was some real talent with lots of cool stuff to look at. Definately saw some things that inspired me. Who knows...maybe I will get a little creative and throw it out there to see what you think.

So that is why I am a little slow today...and might be again for a couple days. We might go to a local Indian Pow-Wow tomorrow. Yes I do get out sometimes! Lol :) Can't wait to have my arm flower beds look like hell!! Thank God for perennials...there's always next year. hee,hee :)

"It's not all about me..."

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