Monday, July 28, 2008

"Monday Blues"...this has to cheer us up!

Good morning everyone!! Boy do I have a lot of catching up to do!! Lol :) The designers have been way busy creating lots of lovely designs for us and I still have a pile of stuff to weed through. If I give you something that has already been out for a while...just smile and say "she has been gone for over a week, what do ya expect?" ROFLMBO :) I still have all my emails and comments to go through, so don't think I've forgotten anyone.

My shoulder is slowly getting better. I will probably be back to work after the first week in August which will be nice. I miss the regular pay check!! hee,hee:) Enjoying the summer and all it has brought so far. We have company here at our house at the moment (chaos, chaos)...DBFs two girls and his Mom. Lot's of camping, movies, and quality time together...I will miss those girls when they go. I didn't get to do as much with them this year because of the stupid shoulder and my "sister reunion" overlapping with their visit. Makes it that much sweeter when next year arrives, but I will try to make the best of the time we have left. I want to get some pics up...oooooh when will I find the time!! Lol :)

Well I'll be back later with more catch up stuff...probably a "Round 2" from the way things are looking. Enjoy this "Blue Monday"...hopefully I helped make it not quite so blue. hee,hee :)

"It's not all about me..."


Suzanne said...

Hey Suz! Thanks to you, I was able to grab MiYon's alpha. It seems that I always miss them when they're up for grabs. But this time, I got 'em! Thanks again!! Have a lovely week!!

A Life in Bloom
Because Life is a Blessing

Beckie said...

Thanks for linking my freebie up!! xoxo Beckie

Lien said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog and for the link to my freebies !!

Your blinkie is on my blog !!

Elisa said...

Thanks so much for your link love and for stopping by! Love the little hearts :) Hope your shoulder doesn't bother you too much anymore, and things get back to normal soon :) Have a great week and lots of digi scrapping fun!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!! The LINKER OF LOVE hath returned to her fans!!! ROFL! Hi ya Suzee Q!!! So nice to have you back and GLAD that you had a GRAND time with the sisters!!! Hope you will share some highlights with us!

THANK YOU for showcasing my freebie today and I am SO happy to hear that your shoulder is feeling well enough for you to return to work already!

You have DBF's girls there and we have DF's boys here!!! Wyatt and Garret have been with us for nearly two weeks and daddy will be returning them home after he gets home from work today. Gonna miss them as they are REALLY very well-behaved and they even say "please" and "thank you" on a regular basis now and don't balk at having to brush their teeth after they eat!!! LOL!

Just uploaded a few shy of a hundred photos for my daughter to sort through for her reception and am not quite sure what to do with myself after rummaging through 25+ years of photos and scanning like mad!!!

Love ya girl and it TRULY is nice to see back in SCRAPLAND!!!

Have a GORGEOUS week and enjoy those girls whilst they are still with you!

Linda :)