Monday, July 7, 2008

"Monday Blues"...This will surely cheer you up!

Good morning all my faithful bloggers!! I have a load of goodies for you on this kinda "blue monday". It's not really too blue for me since I'm off work for a while...but I know a lot of you have to go back to work today after the long weekend. So anyhoo, I'm keepin the name! Lol :)

Btw how was everyones weekend? I hope it was filled with tons of wonderful family times and picture perfect moments. :) Mine was quiet (except for fireworks going off all night outside my office window, hee hee:). Watched a little tennis with DBF, went to Arts & Craft show, organized my computer files a little and downloaded my purchase at Divine Digital A LOT!!! I'm still not quite done, then I have to check all the know how that goes. :) Still can't do a pretty much a computer and couch potato. LUCKY for YOU!!! I start physical therepy on Tuesday, so that should get things moving a bit.

I will be adding some extra things (links to great sources) so keep an eye for added stuff in my sidebar and elsewhere. My DBF thinks I'm nuts for doing all of this for total strangers, however I don't think guys "get" us girls half the time anyway. ROFL!! I just want all of you to know it's the best "feel good" thing I have done in a long time. minds could never really be strangers in my mind. :)

Don't forget the "Daily Download" links...there is some awesome kits being given away out there. Something for everyone.

Well off to download some more and maybe a little more organizing, and whatever else until I start to drift off into la-la land...

"It's not all about me..."


Suzanne said...

Wohoo! Thanks for the list! And thanks for the visit too! :) Good luck with your physical therapy!

A Life in Bloom
Because Life is a Blessing

chouk77 said...

thank you suz for your visit on my blog !

And thank you for the list.


Rachel said...

Thanks Suz...and thanks for adding me to your list! It's good to find cool've been bookmarked!
Rachel at

Heavenly said...

Thank you for the link luv :)

mel_h said...

hi suz! just want to say thanks for the link to my freebie! i cant tell you how much comments and listing me means to me. thanks so much!

really appreciate it!
much love,
mel_h xxxxxxxx