Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Awards, Taggings, and lots of thanks...

I have been so horrible with saying thanks for all the awards I have received. I started getting them so fast I couldn't keep up...I'll admit it. So I will say "Thankyou" to all those wonderful ladies who gave me the following awards.
These awards all come with rules however I am not going to post them (we all know what they are! hee,hee :) And I'm not going to pick anyone to pass it on to. Reason??...Every link on my site is to someone I think is wonderful and deserves the award as much as me. Pick one and go give them so love!!

Lorie gave me the "I Love Your Blog" award...thanks sweetie!

All these special ladies gave me the "Brillante Weblog" award. I'm so warm and fuzzy inside about the whole thing. hee,hee :)!! Go say hi...and check out their blogs (remeber, the got the award first).
I also got tagged by Danielle and Katherine which I am working on in a different post. I didn't forget ya girls!!!

Now that I am back to work...I will have to get organized in computer time, work time and real life time. (I don't get to just lounge around all day anymore!! ROFLMBO :)
I'm sure I will be around most every day, but my post times will be erratic at first. Just hang with me...I'm not going anywhere. The following have been SUPER sweet and left comments that I haven't had time to address, so I will do it here.
Linda-Thank you SO MUCH for dropping in all the time to say hi and leave me luv when I haven't been able to do much commenting lately at your place or anywhere. I think about ya all the time and hope the whole wedding thing is going smoothly. Your latest kit is FANTABULOUS! Hey...I am almost caught up from my vacation...YEA! And per your advice...I have done some scrappin. hee,hee :)
Julie P.-You asked me how many daily download sites I personally visit everday. Scary...but currently 19!! Actually that is the easiest part of my day. I would really scare you with the amount of blog reading I do! LOL :)
Kristin-You asked me how to grab my blinkie. Ginger has a little tutorial that may help you if you haven't found out yet.
Ginger-Thanks for the advice on the external hard drive...funny thing...that's the drive filling up! LOL :)
Well I hope I didn't miss anyone or anything. If I did, it wasn't intentional...I luv ya all!!
I hate getting this far behind, but sometimes real life gets in the way...and that's really what is more important, isn't it?? Stay sweet everyone and let's see if I can get a list to ya before I drift off into la-la land.

"It's not all about me..."

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