Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Scrumptious Saturday"

Well I'm just all over the place with the posting schedule. Basically...I have NONE!! ROFLMBO!! Well that's okay, because no one needs to be to anal about stuff like this. I know my "true freebie hunters" will be back. hee,hee :) When I get back to work I will be forced into a schedule. UGGHHH! I like not working!! :)

I need a little feedback today from all who visit...leave a comment please. I have never asked for comments, however because there are so many AWESOME designers out there and so many FREEBIES I am asking for your opinion on what kind of freebies you look for the most. Example...kits, quickpages, templates, etc. I myself like a wide variety and thats what I have been sharing...however it makes a huge post. I would like to keep them a little smaller so my peeps (YOU) don't spend all your precious moments downloading freebies. Either that or I will have to start a group for "Freebie Hunters Anonymous". ROFL :) tell me what you want, and I will find it!!

"Goin to the chapel...gonna get married"...uh no not me (I wish!), my uncle has a new lady and they are tieing the knot today. The whole family is comin to town so I will have to be on my best behavior. Gotta find something to wear...ugghhh!! I have like no dress up clothes...just a bunch of jeans and t-shirts. Wish me luck!!

Well I'm off...enjoy this huge post...don't forget to leave me that little something. hee,hee :)

"It's not all about me..."


Kristine said...

Awesome list as always!!!! Myself I look for variety.....sometimes I'm in the mood for QPs, sometimes elements or just papers......beggars cant be choosers tho!! ROFL!!!!

Have fun at the wedding!!! My best to your uncle and his bride!!!

twoboyz00 said...

You do such a great job on putting together these lists! I look for variety, like kits, elements, templates. I don't do quickpages so much, because I'm a rectangle scrapper. I think it's fine that the posts are long, but it IS more work for you. I have several freebies up on my blog if you'd like to take a look.

Kristin said...

Hey lady. I'm super late in giving you my thanks for featuring my freebie! Blame it on Vista. My computer hates me!
I love your freebie lists. Every single thing you pick is something I would use. What can I say, great minds think alike right? lol
Have a good one! K

Mrs. Miles said...

Thanks for featuring my item, Suz, much appreciated.

I like 'not working' too, only its a LOT of work this not working! ROTFL.

Gosh, I hope your Uncle's wedding was wonderful and you found just the right thing to wear. Will we get to see?

Have a great day,