Sunday, September 14, 2008

Full Moon Camp...

Well I'm back and I had a greeeeeaaaat time!! Much needed rest and relaxation. No internet, tv or any other electronic type device. My camera would be the only thing that may fall into that category...and it wasn't even around all weekend since my battery decided to go bye-bye. I was still able to snap a few pictures with one pretty cool picture of the "Full Moon". Had my tri-pod so I could open the lens all the way for a few seconds. I think it turned out pretty good, for an average photographer and an average camera. Thanks for the understanding comments as to my need to "take off". I have become very attached to my blog and feel extremely guilty when I don't get ya a list. It's good to know I can vacate every once in awhile.

Yes...after reading so many blogs I have been sucked into this book series. It really is a page turner. Notice the title?
Fall is here...
My baby Hannah...snoozing on the rocky beach at our campsite
Just a short hike from the campsite
Our Golden Retriever...Tucker

My "Full Moon" shot
Credits: Papers are from StarJump by Trish Jones Designs

"It's not all about me..."

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Dinphy said...

Well of course you can take a break too!
lol. I see you got your tongue back! :) It's good to see you're talking to us again. I love your findings, but I sure like reading a bit too.
That full moon photo is SO beautiful! As is the view of the lake, with the trees in front. Great depth there!
hm... I'm thinking you could make lovely papers out of those, you know? ;)

Sometimes it's good to be out without electronics, isn't it? We too had a day out to a theme park, and I forgot my camera. Still 'miss' some shots I could have taken, but we did so much more! It's amazing how much time you spend taking photo's. Especially in a park where you have to skip a ride to take photo's of the others that are taking it.

Anyway, thanks for showing the photo's, it sure looks like an amazing trip!