Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Scrumptious Saturday"

Well, another week has come and gone. I hope yours has been as wonderful as mine. hee,hee :) I'm starting to think time is just flying along...probably because there is so little of it. I will have to sit down and do some priority lists and scheduling of my time so that I do not focus on one thing and forget the rest. Do you ever find yourself doing this? Getting so focused on something that everything else is kinda put on the back burner? I enjoy it in the moment...but feel a lot guilty after it's over. Winning the lottery...a 48 hour day...these would all be great solutions, however it's highly unlikely that either of these will happen. I will be taking a look to see how my passion about freebie hunting will play into the big picture on what I want to do with this blog and digital scrapbooking as a whole. No blog will always be a fun place to visit. :)

So this is a big list for you to enjoy this weekend. Maybe I will take "Lazy Sunday" off...I haven't decided yet. Anyhoo...I wish happiness to all who visit and a safe, funfilled weekend!!

"It's not all about me..."


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh girl, you can say that TWO TIMES!!! Do I EVER know what it is to FOCUS so TOTALLY on ONE thing, forsaking SO many other things!!!

While I do hope that those moments of pre-occupation with the ONE thing I am focusing on will change like the seasons, it is not ALWAYS the case!!!

I know that whatever you decide to do with your FANTABULOUSLY delicious blog will, INDEED, be MOST noteworthy as are YOU darlin'!

Hmmmm ... the LAZY SUNDAY is sounding VERY appealing right about now! I shall be experiencing another "MAD DOGGIN' IT" weekend, however, I shall be looking forward to the following weekend when we shall be spending time away from home in the company of our grandson, Riley, whom we've not yet had the pleasure of meeting! Can you say EXCITED!!! Uh, huh, you bet!

Have a TOTALLY amazing weekend Suz and thank you from the HEART for ALL that you have done and CONTINUE to do for ALL of us in SCRAPLAND - YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND!

Linda :)

Kristine said...

Hi Suz!!!

Mysteries!!! Love them!!! Whatever you choose to do , your blog will always be divine for me!!!

Thanks again for spotlighting my Enchanted freebie...I am always stunned when someone finds my goodies and shows them...the thrill is never ending. :D