Monday, October 13, 2008

"Monday Blues"

"It's not all about me..."


LindaJD said...

Hi I just found your blog through Cen's loft and popped over to take a peek, I am so glad I did and will drop by Often, TYSM for listing the Freebies!!
I have some over on my blog if you want to take a peep..

The Duchess said...

Hey SuzeeQ! I don't come to your blog often enough but I love that you have featured my stuff here for ages! I happened to see my old Ferg Designs blinkie in your blinkie bar and thought I'd give you my new one! I changed my design name to Duchess Designs back in June so here's the new blinkie to update:!

Thanks so much! the blog addy to update to is also! You're a peach! ;)

mITSYBELLE said...

Thanks for featuring my freebie today, you're the best :)