Friday, January 22, 2010

“Fantabulous Friday” freebie post…

 I just love Fridays! There are so many goodies out there to be found, which makes freebie hunting all the sweeter. :) Don’t be surprised if I’m able to make a couple posts today. I’m whizzing through my reader (which I’m still catching up) and I think there will be more goodies hidden in there. Some might end up being a little old…but hopefully you can snag them before they go away. Don’t forget to say thank you to all these awesome designers for their generosity. Update on me…I’m feeling a little better, still pretty much a couch potato. Surgery is on hold for the gall bladder until they make sure the blot clotting issue is under control. I’m taking Coumadin (ughhh!) and take two shots a day to the belly…full of blood thinners. My stomach looks like someone beat me up. There is a bruise every where I have had a shot so far. That’s a lot!! Hopefully it will only be 6 months unless the tests show some kinda genetic clotting disease. Cross your fingers, I’m too young for all this! :) Between the broken foot and now this, I have missed almost 3 months of work with no pay. Pretty tough times to have this happen. Anyhoo…I put a “donate” button on my page just in case anyone feels like that is a way they would like to thank me. I pondered it quite a while because I don’t want anyone to feel obligated…so don’t. It’s there for you if you need it. Okay, on to more hunting and happier thoughts. Have a fantabulous day! :)

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Suz :)


Manda said...

Thank you so much for the picks and your time!

Cherbear said...

Thanks for the freebie list! If I may, I have a suggestion on the shots you are taking in your stomach. My father had to take Lovenox (a blood thinner) shots to help with clots in his legs and we found that if we would "pinch" and hold the skin until the shot was given, waited for a 10 sec count and the needle removed that he did not bruise. He took these 2 times a day for a month until he passed away from pancreatic cancer. Hope this might help you with the bruising.

Sue said...

Those shots don't sound fun! Hopefully they'll do the trick. Thanks for finding all these freebies even when you're feeling poorly. :)