Tuesday, January 12, 2010

“Terrific Tuesday” freebie post…

Sorry I’ve missed the last few days, but I literally HAVE missed them. I’ve been sleeping for 3 of them, and awake for the rest of the miserable funk I have had. No way no how could I even begin to freebie hunt. I do my best to do a daily post, but things happen that are a part of real life. I hope these new “freebie finders” out there realize the commitment involved…I wish them the best of luck. I will update my freebie finder list in a couple of days with these new links and I updated the missing link for “37” on Thursdays post. My bad! I’m sure there is more…I’ll be back later.

Kits, Minis & Samplers

Freebie 50 Freebie 57
Freebie 48 Freebie 49
Freebie 42 Freebie 47
Freebie 37 Freebie 41
Freebie 32 Freebie 36
Freebie 17 Freebie 21
Freebie 5 Freebie 13
Elements & Extras
Freebie 58 Freebie 59
Freebie 52 Freebie 53
Freebie 46 Freebie 51
Freebie 25 Freebie 28
Freebie 16 Freebie 19
Freebie 11 Freebie 15
Freebie 2 Freebie 9
Freebie 38 Freebie 55
Freebie 29 Freebie 30
Freebie 23 Freebie 24
Freebie 14 Freebie 20
Freebie 6 Freebie 10
Freebie 35 Freebie 56
Alphas & Wordart
Freebie 27 Freebie 43
Freebie 54 Freebie 18
Freebie 1 Freebie 7
Freebie 44 Freebie 45
Freebie 39 Freebie 40
Freebie 33 Freebie 34
Freebie 22 Freebie 26
Freebie 3 Freebie 4
Misc Fun Stuff
Freebie 12 Freebie 31
Suz :)


AneczkaW said...

thank you for listening my freebie !

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the hunting you do for us digital scrappers! I appreciate it so much. Bless you!!

GrandmaScrapper Ü

happyscrapper said...

Sounds like you've been ill??? If so, hope you feel better soon. I for one appreciate your freebie posts whether they are every day or just any old day. I have the time to check in, it only takes me a moment and I never feel like you owe me a post. I'm just grateful for whatever you have the time to do. Thank you.

Jennymary said...

Thank you so much for your freebie list.. of course we undertand the work involved in these lists.. that is why we come to you! LOL..

Suzee said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments. I hope I didn't sound unappreciated in my post. I know all of you, even the ones that don't comment appreciate the lists I make...because I was once like you. Trust me...I wouldn't do this unless I loved it. Comments are nice but not required. Stay sweet all of you!

Sue said...

I hope you're doing better now. I appreciate all the time you put into your lists. Thank you! :)