Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I’ve been RAKd!

Okay…this is not a regular scheduled post, but I just have to give a belated shout out to a very special and generous designer.  I entered one of the many “leave a comment” and win something contests.  Now I don’t win very often, but when I do…it is SO EXCITING!  Your probably wondering who, what, where, when.  Here is the whole story. 


The contest was for Karla Dudley’s 7000 comments post which you can read here.  Here is the post saying I won…yahoo! And here are all the lovely gifts I received.  I’ve unwrapped them all and as expected, I was not disappointed.  Check out her store here.  And don’t forget to be a follower, she has such a wide variety of fun on her blog, you won’t want to miss a post.  That’s it for now.  Karla…sorry so late in the big thanks.



















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Dinphy said...

And woot!
Love the new look of your blog!