Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Lets Make a Deal”

Hi ladies, gents and all my fellow scrapbooking buddies.  Just wanted to let you know I put my awesome Pentax ZX-7 35mm film SLR camera and a really cool Tamron AF70-300mm lens up for sale on eBay.  I’m pretty much switching to digital and I really could use the money for another upcoming surgery to take out my gall bladder.  If you love me (I know you do…hee,hee) you will go check it out and send anyone you know that’s looking for a great camera at a great deal my way.  I even will ship international!  So come on all my foreign friends, go have a look see.  I’m also thinking of some other fun stuff here this summer like giveaways, raffles and who knows…you might even get a taste of my designing. Woohoo!  Thanks for all the continued support and sweet comments you leave me.  Sure makes my day.  Here are the links and a couple pics to tantalize you. rofl :)






TAMRON AF70-300mm Lens


TAMRON AF70-300mm



Lori T. said...

Looks like an awesome camera. Good luck with your sale - I'm sure it won't be a problem!

Sarah @ Pink Lime said...

Are you sure you sisn't raid my camera bag?? I have the same camera and zoom lense for my film camera!!! It is a great camera and I loved using that lense to get great candid shots of my son because he didn't know I was taking a picture. Good luck on the sale!