Saturday, August 14, 2010

“My Wish list”…things I would buy if I had extra moola

I know this isn’t my normal post but I thought I would show you a couple new products I would love to have. Actually if you would like to see other things featured on this blog…let me know, I’m always open to suggestions. It’s always fun to post about something a little different. My life is too boring to post on it too often. rofl :) Oh and btw…the winner of my “Summertime Fun” raffle was Rose Tafoya! I forgot to blog about it, so I’m sorry to those waiting for the results. I still need to send out the little “goodie” I have for each person who entered my little contest. Thanks again to those who participated. Glad to be a few beanies lighter! roflmbo :) Check your mailboxes ladies…you know who you are!!! Till next time…


Wishlist1 Wishlist2

 Wishlist3 Wishlist4



 Wishlist9 Wishlist10

Wishlist11 Wishlist12

 Wishlist13 Wishlist14




Scrappie Mommie said...

You have great taste! I love all of those too!. Happy Scrapping!

Alison said...

What a great idea Suzy. After about a year of suffering from 'CU compusive purchasing disorder' I've been bitten by the 'I've just got to have that kit, I cant possible scrap with anything else disease' most of these are on my wish list too.