Thursday, September 2, 2010

“Thankful Thursday” freebie post…

It’s funny how sometimes people forget to be thankful for the things around them everyday. Do you like to be recognized for spending all day cleaning the house? How about thanking your husband when he fixes your car, does minor home repairs or bigger, even just mowing the lawn? Going to your child's basketball game and cheering him on and clapping when he makes a basket. These are the motivators to do better and more. Why do you think they invented cheerleaders? Do you think singers would do live concerts if everyone sat like a bump on a log and paid no notice to what was going on onstage? And lastly…what if you handmade a gift for a friend…worked hours, days, maybe even weeks on it…gave it to them…then they grabbed it and walked away without saying a word. How would you feel? A simple smile and a thank you would have been enough to make your day. Well sadly…as I do my blog hopping looking for goodies…I’m reading that thankyous are not being given out nearly enough and some designers are stopping the gifts and changing methods on how they give out their gifts. I make it pretty easy to find these goodies…saves you a lot of time…so how about taking a few seconds of that time I save you to thank these generous friends we have out there. I will even make it easier, and make sure I am linking you directly to the comment post…so all you have to do is scroll. I want to see the love spread around out there. Now I have to say, a few of my faithful followers do leave the love, because I see their name all over the digiscrapping community. When I first started this 3 years ago, I left a thank you everywhere I went and for every freebie posted. I called it “link love” and made a lot of people smile. I just don’t have time to find them and post comments too (I’m no search engine), so I have to leave it up to the hundreds of people that visit my blog every day. Don’t thank me if you must, thank them. Sounds like I’m trying to give everyone a good chewing…:), I’m really not…but sometimes reminding everyone how we all love to be appreciated and the positive things it brings is important. So lets keep our happy community a happier one…”Spread the Love”!!!

Kits & Samplers

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kristine said...

thanks so much Suz for this post. Folks have no idea how 1 little comment can affect someone. =)

Cris said...

I'm truly thankful for your posts. Thanks for all the time you invest posting the freebies for us :)

iamb said...

I agree completely. Sometimes I am amazed at the amount of downloads to the amount of thank you's. It's just no polite, you wouldn't treat someone like that to their face.. I appreciate the time and gifts and try to say thank you always. it's a small gift back, and took me much less time than it took them to make their freebie. And thank you for posting about it and all the work you do finding these freebies so we can have fun!!

Deanna said...

Thanks so much for all you do gathering these as well! And thanks for the reminder/encouragement :)

Vania said...

Suzee, I've seen this same complaint on several other blogs around the world. I myself have a blog with a huge traffic of people and a minimum share of comments and thanks. Sometimes I tell myself that I'll stop having this work with the blog since people come in, nor give good day, take what they want and come out without saying goodbye. I went through here today and saw this post. I thought it came in good time for me to see it's all the same thing no matter which country may be.I assume that not always I leave comments where I stop. But when I do like the work of the person, I say it! Pardon my English...You help me a lot with your work!

Anonymous said...

I understand your feelings. However, sometimes it is not easy to leave a comment. In these times with so many stolen identities, some people don't want their names and email addresses out there. I, personally, don't want to join a number of different accounts. That does not mean I'm not grateful. I certainly am and thank you and the artists who make and provide the freebies.

kimeric kreations said...

Hey suzaroonie - thank YOU, too! :)

~BridgetL~ said...

Thanks so much for all the work you do to find these wonderful freebies :)

Jennymary said...

Thank you, yet again. You have no idea how you make my day when I log on and find you have updated your freebies list.
Have a great day.

VW said...

Thank you!

happyscrapper said...

Thanks for the mega post and thanks for the little nudge to be more appreciative. I think it would be really neat if there were a thank you button to push as well as a comment post available on people's blogs or in their shops.

Monica said...

Thank you!!
I always check your "cool" box AND leave a little thanks comment whenever I download something.

Pom said...

Thank you so much for your kind words on love-linking. As one who makes digi freebies, this means a whole lot. :)

Anonymous said...

we don't need to be reminded to say thank you a hundred times like 3-year-olds! it's like stupid b*tch moms--you know who you are--saying 'what do you say' to their stupid babies who AREN'T LISTENING ANYWAY! they don't need that horses*it and neither do we. quit treating us like babies.

Anonymous said...

Treating you like a baby? As a designer who gives a lot of freebies away, I know that it is the thanks that drives me to make and give away more freebies. And as a mother I will let you in on a little secret that us mothers know, anonymous, 'just say it and you won't need to be reminded a hundred times!'. In the time it took you to write this hateful comment you could have copied and pasted 10+ thank you comments on the freebies that you probably scour sites like this searching for every day. Thanks Suz for all of the searching that you do, and thanks for posting my freebies. :)