Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday-Saturday-Sunday? freebie post…

Well I am not sure what to name this post since I have literally been working on it for the past 3 days. I don’t know if any of you have suffered from sinus “issues”, but for me this is a first. In case you haven’t noticed, my posts have definitely not been regular at all and for that I apologize. I have had 2 back to back sinus infections with 2 rounds of antibiotics…the last bit giving me just as many “problems” as the infection itself. Now again I’m having the “head thing” again…ugghhh! and it’s making it really hard to read or do anything. I thought maybe it was my eyesight causing some of the problem, so I even went and had my eyes checked yesterday. They are healthy, but I do need new glasses. Imagine that…must be all that computer time. lol:) So here we are…I am trying nasal spray and Sudafed today to see if I can’t de-pressurize my brain. Seems to be working at the moment, so this post will be followed with another post to try and catch up. So sorry if I missed a goodie or two, but if you have been following me…I’m sure you have already had to buy a new external hard drive, so one or two won’t kill us! roflmbo :) Thanks for being such loyal bloggy fans, I do so much appreciate any and all love you have thrown my way. Stay tuned for the next post…

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Christy said...

So sorry you have been feeling so bad. Do you know about Nasonex nasal spray? Good stuff. Be careful about being on Sudafed for too long, it does have some nasty side effects. Allegra is now over the counter as well- you might want to give that a try.

I've been a mess for a few weeks now, trying to avoid antibiotics--not sure how long I can put up with it!

Anonymous said...

You're feeling like crap and still you manage to keep this going? RESPECT!
Hope you feel better soon and don't worry about this bog or us :)

Take care! xoxo

Yin said...

Oh take care Suzy! I can't imagine you still working so hard to get us all these freebie links even with all that sinus/nasal problems. Thanks so much, and hope you get all better soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzee Q...
Yes, have had these sinus issues for years and they are not fun! In addition to what you are doing, try using plain saline nasal spray a few times a day. That sometimes seems to help. A lot of people I know use a Neti Pot and love it, but I haven't tried that yet. I hope you feel better soon and can get back to your regular routine! Thanks for all your postings...I really love this site.

Lutka And Co. said...

Sorry to hear about your sinus problems. I hope it gets better. You are right about the external drive - I have only been following you for a few months, but my DH had to attach an external hard drive to my current laptop. And since I am getting into digital graphics so much, he is looking for a new computer for me! I don't often comment, but I do thank you for your generosity in posting all these freebies. I know it is a lot of work, aand it is very much appreciated! Thanks again! and hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you and hope you feel better soon. Missed you!

jovita said...

I hope you get well soon. I really appreciate what you've been doing for us. You don't have to apologize if you missed a day or two... don't let us be your burden. Just be healthy and happy. God bless you. Thank you so much!