Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year freebie post…

I know, I know…MIA Big Time!  I’m fine, however working 60+ hour work weeks leaves no extra time.  I thought I could do more posts, but that just didn’t happen.  I even worked Christmas Day and New Years Day…a first in 27 years at my job. *sigh*  Sorry if you missed any of the “good stuff”, but there are still a few goodies here to be had.  I will try to make it back today or tomorrow with another catch up post.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas and hoping your New Year has started out wonderful too!

Kits & Samplers

Freebie 93Freebie 48Freebie 44Freebie 43Freebie 22Freebie 21Freebie 19Freebie 88Freebie 7Freebie 5Freebie 4Freebie 3Freebie 97Freebie 9Freebie 91Freebie 26Freebie 59Freebie 101Freebie 27Freebie 29Freebie 46Freebie 50Freebie 55Freebie 58Freebie 61Freebie 90Freebie 64Freebie 113Freebie 86Freebie 100

Elements & Misc

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Alphas & Wordart

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Quickpages & Bragbooks

Freebie 114Freebie 98Freebie 89MODELLOcuFreebie 112Freebie 53Freebie 65Freebie 110Freebie 111

Hybrid & Printables

Freebie 42Freebie 20

Other Fun Stuff!

Freebie 18Freebie 54Freebie 92


agravette said...

so glad to "see" you posting again! sorry for the long work hours...hopefully you'll get some rest soon! hope your Christmas was awesome and blessings for a wonderful new year!

Dawn said...

I thought I'd found millions over Christmas but you still found ones I'd missed!! Thank you and I hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you.