Wednesday, July 10, 2013

♥Wishful Wednesday♥ freebie post…

Well I have lost my ability to adapt. I am trying to figure out a new system ( yes, still *sigh*), but everything is all over the place. Yes I like all the new readers, each of them differently which is making it hard to pick one. What I loved about Google Reader most is that everything (apps, different pcs) all were in sync. Now I have stuff everywhere. This is a terrible mess and a terrible post, but I need to clear it while the links are good. If you bear with me, and keep following me…be reassured I will figure it out, and I have not retired. *wink*

Kits & Samplers

Freebie 1 Freebie 4 Freebie 6
Freebie 10 Freebie 25 Freebie 26
Freebie 27 Freebie 28 Freebie 29

Elements & Misc

Freebie 5 Freebie 9 Freebie 8
Freebie 23 Freebie 24  


Freebie 2 Freebie 3 Freebie 22


Freebie 12 Freebie 18 Freebie 21
Freebie 30 Freebie 31 Freebie 32

Alphas & Wordart

Freebie 7 Freebie 15 Freebie 33

Quickpages & Bragbooks

Freebie 11    

Hybrid & Printables

Freebie 20    

Blog Trains

Freebie 13 Freebie 14 Freebie 16
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