Saturday, May 31, 2008

The last of Saturday's Freebies...

Here is the rest of my freebies for the day...and I make tomorrow off. hee hee :)
Remember your manners when grabbing freebies, the images are the links and last but not least...have a fun and safe weekend!

"It's not all about me..."

HUGE "Free" Mega Kit by Baby-Cafe.CZ

Well...I got some sleep and now I'm back with more fun for ya. Wow! It really is hopping out there in digi-land, I wonder if anyone will be able to keep up with all the blog hopping outta here. For kicks and giggles, leave me comment at the end of your ventures and let me know what was your favorite "find". No long love a couple words to know if your likin what I'm findin. That's terrible grammar...will have to clean that up! hee hee :)

OK...on with the Freebie Stuff...

This is HUGE Mega Kit offered up from my "Far Away Friends"in the Czech Republic. Most of the sites are in a foreign language, but I'm pretty sure "freebie" is a universal word and you WILL be able to find that "Download" link. LoL :)

This will be a fun one...kinda like a blog party. You have to go to each designer's blog and pick up a piece. If the image has 2 links, it's a either/or option. These wonderful girls always have a lot to offer so the files are pretty big (Beware!) As love is optional, but highly recommended!

And a final offering of a set of Quick Pages from the Mega Kit. Wow! This was definately a great party...thanks so much for all the sharing you girls did!

"It's not all about me..."

It's Saturday...It's My Day Off...It's a Freebie Post!

This will get you started...I'm gonna have to go to bed...I'm BEAT! It's a good weekend for freebie hunting so make sure you check back. As promised, I will be digging deep into digi-land. Who knows, I might even let you get to know more about me. Possibly a layout might be completed or pictures of my family. I'm not just some crazy girl that spends all her spare time on the puter. (Well maybe....rofl!)

Remember the images are the links...and don't forget to say thanks if you grab any. It only takes a sec, and all these designers deserve at least that!

Are you ready for a fun blog party? Start at Brittney Ferguson's and do some blog hopping to collect pages to a Fun Summer Brag Book. What are you waiting for? hee hee :)

This one might already be hurry!

Be sure and head over to The Scrapping Garden to get the daily download being offered from guest blogger Marsha Connell-Torre (froggypond). I believe she will only be there for one more day, but you may still be able to pick up the freebies she has offered already. No previews on this one...we all need surprises sometimes! :)

Have fun,

"It's not all about me..."