Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Meet Joe Black"

It's Sunday morning and I am just hanging out wondering why I am not on a motorcycle ride with my DBF...the sun is shining...the house is "pretty" why am I at home and he is out cruising? I hope to figure that out before the day is over. While doing all this contemplating, I was scanning through TV channels and came upon a movie I hadn't seen in awhile. There was only about 30 minutes left...but in that short time it reminded me what a "wonderful" movie Meet Joe Black was. There are so many great morals in the movie...the one that hits home hard today is "Live every day like it's your Last". Guess I will think twice, and won't sit at home next time there is an opportunity to be with someone I love and do something really FUN! Anyway, it you haven't seen it...Rent it! It's a great Love Story too.

Bye for now,

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