Sunday, June 1, 2008

My "Daily Download Stuff"-New Sidebar Addition

Good morning...oops!...I haven't gone to bed yet, so I guess it's good evening. Yep, you guessed it. I am a little looney sometimes, so just try to keep up! hee, hee :)

First, I was thinking that I needed to give you the heads up on all the sites who offer up a "Daily Download". Of course, I probably don't know every single one but I will keep you up on the ones I follow. I think the easiest way for me is to add a section in my sidebar with the links of the sites. That way you won't miss a day if I don't list them with my freebies. Tomorrow is the first of the month, and a lot of them are starting their new kits. If you collect the download every day, you will have an AWESOME kit by the end of the month. Hint: some of the sites only leave the download up for 24 hours, so if you want every piece you will have to visit the site EVERY day. BEWARE! This can be very addictive! Rofl :) Don't forget... these designers will need their fix of gratitude comments, so leave lots of love if you cash in on these freebies.

Now Hannah (my pug!) says go to my sidebar...find "Daily Download Stuff"...bookmark the links...and have a ball!

"It's not all about me..."

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