Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lazzzzzy Sunday Freebies...

Well, since I haven't started my "chores" yet...I guess I'll throw some bones at ya. Can you tell I lived in the south at one time? lol :) I also just got a couple really cute pictures of the grand baby yesterday, so I'm really determined to scrap a layout with her being the center of attention. (She likes that!) I think I might even try to upload it to a couple gallerys...Yea! (better save the yeas for after I get that done, hee hee :)

You know the drill...but I'll tell ya anyway. The images are the links, a thank-you is a must (just good manners when someone gives you something) and having FUN is always recommended!

Here is a Mega Kit collaboration called "Popsicle Paradise" that looks Awesome! Those aspiring designers really put out amazing stuff, and you know I like stuff! This will be kinda like a blog party, you do the blog hoppin and grab all the pieces. Sorry...I can't do that for have to do some of the WORK! lol :) I really like Just Passin Thru to be the kick off point, her part really caught my eye as you can see from the preview. I think this one might be available for awhile, so don't PaNiC.

"It's not all about me..."

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nikki said...

Thank you for your kind comment... I particularly appreciate it as I find making previews agonizing! Thank you also for the link!