Friday, June 13, 2008

I know...I missed Thursday...but here are your "Fantabulous Friday Freebies"!

Okay ladies...since I missed yesterday (I have a real good excuse or two!!) I really loaded you up for "Fantabulous Friday". These should keep you busy, but if not...remember there is always the "Hybrid Blog Train".

As I said before...I hand pick um from the designers I love. They all have what I call "quality" designs and they ALL really deserve big thank-yous. Those are the rules anyway...I was just reminding you!! Lol :) If you really want to support them...consider purchasing a kit from them. It is the weekend ya know! Shopping is allowed!! rofl :)

Well I spent some time going through my personal blog roll I call "My Far Away Friends". These girls are from all over the world, have some of the most gorgeous designs...and they are always way too generous. I wish I could read their blogs and understand what they are saying...then it hits me! "Digital scrapbooking" is a universal language and the pictures tell me all I really need to know. I'm sure they will all understand when you leave your big "thank-yous", which I know you will do. Get your external hard drive ready before visiting these friends!! Lol :)

Have a really great weekend and "Happy Fathers Day" to any Dads reading my blog!!!!!

"It's not all about me..."


Yin said...

Hi Suzie, I just got back, and LOVE your blog footer! Is that your granddaughter? She's such a sweetie pie!! May I show your footer image on my blog sometime, it's sooo lovely! It's amazing what you all do with the simple frames I share!

Joey said...

Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire et de faire partager nos créations à travers votre blog.
Désolée de ne pas écrire en anglais, mais les traducteurs de langue ne sont pas terrible lol.
Merci encore, au plaisir de voir toutes vos belles pages.

moune said...

I'm french so I don't speak very well,sory, I just want to say thank you very much for your lovely comment on my blog.
Merci beaucoup !