Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Saturday Mornin Freebies"

Woohoo! I love when the weekend arrives. The older I get the less I like working those 5 day-40 hour a week jobs. I'm so looking forward to retirement (I still have about 12 years, ughh). I have heard people say " they don't know what they will do". Holey smokes!!...I can't relate to that at all, because there are at least a million and one things I will be doing. :)

Today I will be in and out giving you a few finds at a time. These are the "mornin" ones. It's unbelievable how the digi-world has grown just within the last 3 months. And also the incredible amount of talented designers with beautiful designs. As I said before, I actually read what these folks have to say then leave "my sweetness" so it does take some time. But I truly want to keep you up on the latest.

I want to share that eventually I would like my blog to become a place to come to for various resources relating to Digital Scrapbooking, not just the freebie finds. However, "Freebie Hunting" will always be my first passion!!

I will be adding a section in my sidebar for some of my personal favorite "Freebie Sites", who are invaluable to me also. They are all awesome girls, with great sites and I deeply understand what is involved in this type of blogging. I am always trying to offer a variety which may be a little different than what is offered on their sites. It is a challenge however, because a lot of us have the same tastes. Together...we all make a good team!

Well you better get blog hoppin...there is a ton out there! Remember your manners and don't forget to HAVE FUN!

"It's not all about me..."


Chris Allport said...

I know how you feel about not working. I have been retired six years now (since I was 55) and I find that I now think "how did I have the time to go to work". I know that my Mum and Dad and my husband's Mum and Dad felt the same as they always found plenty to occupy their time.

Thank you for letting us know about these wonderful freebies.

Lots of luv


Kopperhead said...

You're not alone! I also wonder when I found the time to work--there is alway something to do! Thanks do pick out the nicest freebies. I'm off to download some now!