Friday, June 6, 2008

Well I missed Thursday...but here's some Friday Freebies

Sorry about not getting you any freebies yesterday, but that stupid doctor thing just kicked my #%*@! I spent most of the day sleeping from the heavy duty drugs they gave me...they called it a "morning cocktail". Phew!! I'm sure I needed the sleep anyway, I was a little behind. I'm sure the results of the procedure will come back fine.

I have quite a few fun freebies for ya, some you may already have however I get these the slow old fashioned way. I enjoy hand picking the ones I like and would share with ya. I am the "Search Engine"!! Roflmbo :)

These girls (and one guy!) work really hard to put out great designs and lots of freebies, so don't forget to say thank you if you grab any. Thanks for all MY wonderful comments you folks are sure makes it all worth while. I'm making some great new friends! :)

I even have a special link to a special girl who followed up on a request I made a few days ago. For me...that will be my greatest find of the day! Have a glorious day!

"It's not all about me..."


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Well darlin', since you are staying up with me, I'd best come say "good night" before I head off to bed! I had to go back in and post the layout that I made with the scrapatit I posted for tonight's freebie. THANK YOU for choosing to showcase it here on your ROCKIN' blog!!!

I SO look forward to your smiling face on my blog (okay, I see you through your type - he, he!) and I am THRILLED that you are going to pursue the challenge!!!

Your layouts ROCK as do the GOODIES that you HAND-PICK for ALL of us in SCRAPLAND to ENJOY!!!

Suz, I'm not sure what procedure you had done, but it's sounding like it might be the same thing I am scheduled for here pretty soon!!! Oh the JOYS of the FAB 50's, eh??? ROFL! Hey, as long as I can laugh, I am doing JUST FINE!!! I'm thinking positively towards the results from yours!

Linda :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you Suz for the link love! I appreciate it so much! Have a great weekend!

Sophia said...

You have a very nice blog here. I like that you take the time to hand pick the freebies you like and feature them. Thanks so much for choosing my freebie :) Cheers!

Kim B said...

Hey girl- THANKS SOO SOO MUCH for mentioning mine! and wow- LOVE YOUR BLOG!!- Hope you are feeling better??- Just sending you a huge hug and a BIG MWAH for all your comments on my blog too-


Hummie said...

I have never been to your blog before..what a great looking blog...I love white as its easy to read, but you've got cute graphics too.

Snowsmoon said...

This is so cool and sweet of you! Thank you so much for posting my stuff on your blog.

I am glad to meet you and Linda always tells me how sweet you and that I need to meet you..HI Suz! Thanks you for show casing my freebies from my blog...I hope that you will do my challenge for Linda's Birthday (it was in the last post). Hugs and have a wonderful weekend.
Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design

Amanda said...

Thanks so much for linking up my goodies on your awesome blog! You've got some rockin layouts here!