Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Stuff...

I've decided to babble in a different post from my freebie list so that my family may see what I have to say without scrolling through hundreds of freebies. ROFLMBO !! They are getting pretty tired of that, I'm sure. Maybe someday when I have some spare time (HA!!) I will make a family site. I will be editing some old posts and removing some expired links and worries, you probably won't even notice.

Sorry got a little in the way this morning. hee,hee :) Poor Pug had lost a toe nail a couple weeks back and had to have stitches. Today was the big day to get them out. So proud...she didn't cry once. I have also been getting ready to go back to work on Tuesday. Trying to streamline the "freebie hunting" process since my time will be quite a bit limited. I don't want DBF to dump me yet, so I will have to find the happy medium between all the things I love and distribute evenly. However, if nothing is planned or "happening"...I will most likely be doing something with my digital addiction. That's fair, huh?? ROFL :)

Okay have a fun "Scrumptious Saturday". Please visit the new ScrapMatters's AWESOME!! And the "Around the World" blog train is flawless. ****thumbs up!****

"It's not all about me..."

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