Thursday, August 19, 2010

“Catscrap” sale…

Okay so you probably know or maybe you don’t, Catscrap is celebrating their 4th birthday and they have all kinds of fun stuff going on.  Each day they have had a different category in the shop an extra 10% off…which makes it 40%, since the store is already 30% off.  Today is Kits, Collaborations, etc…so I blew my budget and here is what I got.  I’m super happy…I saved about $33!!  You even get “Fall Reverie” free with a $10 purchase.  Go check it out if you are like me, love sales and love to get the most bang for your buck.  All the designers are awesome at Catscrap and you won’t be disappointed with anything you purchase there.  No kidding! edited***I forgot a couple and the amount I saved changed. What a goof I am!


Sale1 Sale2

Sale3 Sale4

Sale5 Sale6

Sale7 Sale8

Sale9 Sale 10




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