Saturday, July 24, 2010

“Scrumptious Saturday” freebie post…

IT’S ALIVE! rofl :) Yes…I made it out of recovery AOK. This surgery has been a piece of cake so far, compared to all the others. They just went in, plucked that nasty gall bladder out, and I’m good as new. A little sore however, but they gave me some good drugs to combat that. I’m still hoping that all the plumbing is hooked up right…I think it is all okay. Thanks for all the well wishes and happy thoughts, it’s always nice to have a little help from your friends. hee,hee :) There is still time to get your raffle ticket for the “box of beanies” I’m offering up right here as a part of my “Summertime Fun” event. Each ticket is just 1 dollar for the chance to win 20 Beanie Babies (includes a Peace Bear!) and I will ship it anywhere…even internationally. Just think…you can really show your appreciation for me and all I do, and even get some goodies for yourself. The next giveaway won’t cost a thing, but will be just as fun…so stay tuned. So hurry and email me using the link in my sidebar telling me how many you would like to purchase, and I will send you further details. The drawing will be held Monday morning whenever I wake up. DH can’t wait to get his paws in the jar to pick a winner. It could be you!! I also still have my film SLR camera and an awesome lens up for grabs too. No one met my reserve on eBay so if you or someone you know wants a great deal, email me and I will make them a great deal on a great camera. To email me use the link in the sidebar. Till next time…

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Anonymous said...

Tons of great freebies, thank you!

happyscrapper said...

Hey Suz,
Very glad to hear that you survived your surgery :0) and that you aren't feeling too shabby. Take much care of yourself and thanks for the freebies!

Sue said...

I'm glad your surgery went well. Hope you have a smooth recovery.

Thank you for finding all these freebies even when you're not feeling your best.